The AQ8 system is an advanced EMS training device. The AQ8 system affects more than 20 muscle groups simultaneously directly and indirectly. During the design process of this innovative device, it was taken into account to provide the user with total freedom. Therefore, it is possible to run outside or simply walk at a distance of up to 700 meters from the control module. The system guarantees maximum flexibility and use, placing itself in the front lines in relation to the high standards of professional and individual training.

Whether you will practice alone, in pairs or in a group, it is up to you to decide. Group training is fun and exciting. It's the future of EMS training. The AQ8 system allows 8 participants to exercise at the same time: couples, friends, sports teams, dance groups, and it is possible to organize training as an outdoor activity. The system offers a lucrative and much more attractive working environment for our users.


The AQ8 system combines technology with fitness. It is a revolutionary way to get a healthy, beautiful and strong body in record time.



Our exclusive radio frequency wireless communication technology guarantees a perfect connection with each user.

AQ8 equipmentt
AQ8 console

Software application

The ability to satisfy the inherent needs and desires of each individual

Metabolic Rehabilitation


Ultralight, resistant

Professional production

Suit made of Neoprene Coolmax 3mm

18 carbon rubber electrodes

AQ8 suit

Odorless and antibacterial

No cables or obstacles

Can be used indoors

or outdoors


EMS training is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. In the last 10 years, around 10,000 studios and gyms have been opened around the world. Why? Because it addresses and responds to consumer needs. Individuals generally don't have a lot of free time and are constantly looking for new ways to get fit that deviate from traditional gym training. EMS training is an effective and innovative way to achieve success, with only 20 minutes per week, required to achieve results.

Nevertheless, in our country and in the region, EMS training as a whole is relatively intact, only a few studios and gyms have this technology. This represents a huge gap in the market, which will be adjusted as awareness increases in the coming years. With a referral rate of around 90% of participants who regularly train with our equipment, your business will grow organically and quickly after implementing our technology. Be one of the first to adopt the next generation of fitness equipment and secure your customer base today!

Marketing support - we will provide you with a large amount of marketing content, including photos, brochures and other promotional material. Using this content in accordance with the tips, you can send a newsletter to your email to raise awareness and gain traction for the new program.

Quick return on investment – a relatively small investment for the long-term monetary potential of this product.

Support and service network - We provide all our partners with a two-year warranty through our comprehensive and unique service network. We also have a one-day response to any inquiry sent either before or after purchase.

Business Models - We offer innovative solutions for anyone looking to integrate our technology, whether you are new to the fitness industry or already have an established gym or fitness center. Adding that extra dimension to your business to generate a tertiary income stream has never been easier.

AQ8 business opportunity


Tips for success - AQ8

Motivate new customers for trial sessions

The key thing for having client with EMS training sessions who will come again and again is to get them to try it once so they can see the workouts and feel the results for themselves. Free sessions can be a great incentive to attract new leads. Once they learn what the training is all about, how EMS works in practice, and how good they feel afterward, they're sure to keep coming back for more.

Offer EMS packages to your existing members

Nothing is easier than cross-selling to existing customers. By running a gym you will have access to a large number of members who may be interested in upgrading their training membership to include an EMS training package or discounts and bonuses for each session. Sending newsletters to your email database will also be a good way to further educate your existing customers about the new service you are offering and what it entails.

Organize group training classes

Although 1 on 1 EMS training is one of the most profitable types of fitness training, nothing compares to the profits of EMS group training when training up to 8 clients at a time. One device, one trainer, one-time place, but up to eight times more income.

Use marketing to reach new customers.

AQ8 features

AQ8 System - Features

Exclusively professional device. Industrial touch screen and special ultra-resistant case.
Wireless Connection: Exclusive Radio Frequency technology. Range up to 5kms.
Users per device: 8 simultaneous users
Programs: Cardio, Fitness, Cellulite, Relax/Rehabilitation, Pre-setted Whole Trainings: META, CORE, Expert Mode.
Available Biosuits: Models Spartan and Reborn.
Wirelss Module: External batteries 600g

Technical characteristics
Dimensions and weight: 35 x 32 x 7cm (Length x Height x Width), Weight: 2kg.
Electrical Requirements: 220 ± 10/110 ± 10 % V 50Hz / 60Hz, temperature in the are of use: 15° to 35°C
RH: Maximum: 80%.
Equipment Classification: Electric shock protection, Class III , Type BF.
Working mode: Continuous.
Signal reception Module MR: RF
Lithium 6 cells batteries 6800mA.
Extra Lithium battery 3 cells 2200mA.
Sizes: 100 x 70 x 50mm
Wave Type: asymmetric biphasic pulses, modulated in low and medium frequency.
Frequency: 5 to 100Hz.
Pace of contraction: 10-2500
P.P.M.Timing: 0-20 minutes. Light indication.Maximum output current: 80mA / 1kΩ.
Relative contraction / relaxation: 10: 10s.
Consumption: 60W.
Pulse rate: 10-600 PPM.Pulse width: 50 - 350 msec.
Pulse Amplitude: 0-30 mA.

AQ2 features

AQ2 System - Features

Domestic and professional device. Application for Android smartphones and tablets. Unlimited and free access to Application.
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.2/5.0. Range up to 120m.
Users per device: 4 simultaneous users
Programs: Cardio, Cardio, Fitness, Cellulite, Relax/Rehabilitation, Body Building, Expert Mode
Available Biosuits: Models Spartan and Reborn.
Wirelss Module: External batteries 200g

Technical characteristics
Dimensions and weight: 14 x 8 x 3cm (Length x Height x Width), Weight: 0.2kg.
Electrical Requirements: 220 ± 10/110 ± 10 % V 50Hz / 60Hz. Pulse rate: 10-600 PPM.
Pulse width: 50-500 msec.
Temperature in the are of use: 15° to 35°C
RH: Maximum: 80%.
Equipment Classification: Electric shock protection, Class III , Type BF.
Working mode: Continuous.
Signal reception Module MR: Bluetooth
Wave Type: asymmetric biphasic pulses modulated in low and medium frequency.
Frequency: 2 to 200Hz.
Pace of contraction: 10-2500 P.P.M.
Timing: 0-25 minutes.
Light indication.
Maximum output: 0.01W.
Relative contraction / relaxation: 10: 10s.
Sleepy currency: < 1μA
Consumption: 5W.


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