There are many reasons to choose EMS training. One of the reasons is that electro muscle stimulation (EMS) leads to an increase in muscle mass, and this type of training is just as effective as 60 to 90 minutes of training in the gym.

EMS training stimulates energy consumption during and after training, accelerates metabolism and melts fat deposits faster. In combination with EMS training, we can use a cardio program, endurance training, strength training, HIIT training, etc.

The duration of the EMS training is 20 minutes and with two trainings a week you can already see results after a month.

If you want to find out what Electro Muscle Stimulation - EMS is, you can read it here »

Individual EMS training

EMS with partner


EMS training with partner is a semi-individual training program, the choice for this type of training is very attractive because in that case you will be accompanied by one of your close friends or a loved one. With this way of training, you are additionally motivated by the fact that you have to follow the rhythm of the training and cheer on your partner as well as he cheers you on.

As for the necessary equipment for this type of training, you only need sneakers. Duration of EMS training is 20 minutes.


Individual fitness training involves a personal trainer who will help you, to give your maximum in every training session, encourage and motivate you to exercise well, even on days when your mood is not at an enviable level. A personal trainer is here to maintain a high level of motivation and to help you, with his knowledge, to overcome all obstacles on the way to achieving your goals. Also after achieving the desired results, the trainer is there to set new goals to be achieved in agreement with you.

Individual fitness service

Guided training


How often has it happened to you that you want to stop, or even think about giving up, but at that moment you look at the person next to you, and there you see persistence, work and effort, and then you decide to continue. That is, in short, the situation that can happen to you with guided training. Guided or group training consists of groups of 4 to 5 people.

Why choose group training? Group training is a great way to train without thinking and planning what your next step is. You just have to follow the instructor, the training is already planned for you. You have an introduction, a warm-up, the core of the training and a cool-down, during all that time the instructor is there to give you advice, encourage you, give instructions and guide you through the training.