The new Wonder device, Wonder Axon, represents an innovation when it comes to wonder treatments.

Why Wonder Axon?

Wonder Axon provides excellent results, which is true for any wonder device, and it achieves this by using focused electromagnetic therapy, high-intensity neuromuscular emissions, and inductive radio frequency. Wonder Axon achieves excellent results with fewer sessions, thanks to the fact that it selectively and safely raises the internal temperature of the dermis and fatty tissue up to 45 degrees.

Multiple results are achieved after sessions with Wonder Axon:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Reduction of adipose tissue
  • Tissue retraction (with the help of the thermal effect)
  • Immediate loss of body shape

Why RF in Wonder Axon?

Wonder Axon offer

Radiofrequency has a multifaceted role in Wonder Axon.

  • Regeneration: Improves the skin (texture, smoothness, and tightening effect are achieved).
  • Lipolyptic: It increases the temperature in depth and helps to eliminate fat.
  • Sedative: By warming the nerve endings, the muscles relax, which means you have more energy and can work harder while feeling comfortable.

The new Wonder suit

The new Wonder suit is equipped with 12 neurostimulation sensors and 2 electromagnetic panels, as well as 2 radio frequency transmitters.

New software

The new application allows for controlling sessions in real time. Remotely controlled via a wireless connection. It has automatic programs that combine different parameters during the session depending on the desired goal. The frequency, width, and intensity of the pulse gradually increase.

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